Hire Beyond Bias Bootcamp

How to Pick the Best Person for the Job

Are You Prepared to Hire the Best?

Recognize barriers to attracting and selecting highly qualified candidates
Identify and remove restrictive language from job postings
Develop strategies to overcome biases during resume screening and interviews
Establish objective tie-breakers for final selection decisions

Are you hiring for the 1st time or the 100th?

Whether you're an experienced manager or this is your first time hiring someone, the selection process can be stressful. 
We're all busy enough, and finding a new team member can take up valuable work time. It's natural for us to rely on shortcuts that have served us in the past. What's more, unconscious biases can influence our hiring processes in ways we don't readily recognize. 
In many organizations, managers and hiring teams don't receive proper training or have access to the right tools to help them make good decisions.
All this makes it difficult for us to attract a diverse slate of candidates, or causes us to overlook qualified candidates who may not conform to our expectations.
With the right knowledge, tools, and planning, we can make better hiring decisions. 

Hi! I'm Amy C. Waninger, the Founder and CEO of Lead at Any Level.

In working with organizations around the globe to build inclusive cultures and diverse leadership pipelines, I am frequently asked about where to find diverse talent. 

I used to wonder about this, too. But then I realized that the problem isn't finding talented people from different backgrounds. The problem is that we don't recognize talent when we see it. Or that we haven't created an environment that allows people to be themselves and thrive.

In other words, we want to find people who "check all the boxes." Then we get frustrated when they can't "think outside the box."

Changing our talent pipelines requires real commitment. We must start by preparing ourselves and our organizations —intentionally and continuously— to be deserving of new people, nurturing of new ideas, and welcoming of diverse perspectives. 

If you're ready to do the work, you can create real change!


Hire Beyond Bias Bootcamp

a self-paced, online course for hiring teams

This course helps managers and hiring teams avoid common pitfalls in the selection process so they can pick the best person for the job.  
When you sign up for Hire Beyond Bias Bootcamp, you get my proven and repeatable process for finding the best person for the job. 
You can avoid costly hiring mistakes and begin building a high-performing team with the Lead at Any Level™ 7-Step Selection Process.

What You'll Learn

This interactive course provides multiple ways for you the understand the information, including video lessons, workbooks and templates, proprietary tools, and clear action steps.

Module 1. Introduction & Pre-work

To get the most out of this course, you'll start by creating an inventory of your current process and knowledge.

Your knowledge and experience

Your current process

Timelines and expectations

Getting the most value out of the course

Module 2. Preparing to Hire

When you make a decision about your own career, you want to consider the most important factors and make the best choice. If you are a hiring manager, you must also make decisions about other people's careers. Taking on this level of responsibility requires you to understand and guard against your own biases    

Hiring goals and constraints

Imagining the perfect candidate

Understand your culture

Set priorities

Hold yourself accountable

Module 3. Job Postings

For many candidates, the first time they will learn of your organization is when they see a job description for an open position. It is from there that they will (hopefully) research your company. However, if you want a diverse slate of candidates to respond to your "help wanted" advertisement, you need to make that clear.    

Job posting language

Field testing your job descriptions

Committing to diversity

Posting your open position

Module 4. Resumes and Interviews

Once you've ensured that your job postings are inclusive, it's time to take the next step in your selection process. 

Reviewing resumes

Preparing your team and managing the approval process

Remote interview considerations

Scheduling and conducting interviews

Module 5. Selection Decisions

Even the best scoring criteria can result in ties or results that are "too close to call." When you have two or more applicants that seem very similarly qualified, there are a number of ways to break the tie without relying on your gut.

Prepare to make a selection decision

Explain your decision-making process

Module 6. Onboarding

If you’ve followed the Hire Beyond Bias process this far, you should have a very good idea of your new team member’s strengths, as well as their skill or knowledge gaps. Use this time to create a customized onboarding plan for the person you’ve hired. 

Creating a customized onboarding plan

Welcoming a new team member

Module 7. Measuring Your Success

You can only measure your effectiveness if you take an honest look at your retention and turnover metrics.     

Measuring your hiring

Measuring your culture

Next steps

What's Included

Online Community

You'll be invited to join an exclusive online community to share referrals and best practices.

Bonus Content

Special bonus content on handling handshakes and disability etiquette, state laws affecting LGBTQ employees, and more!

Live Office Hours

Live Q&A sessions each quarter to help you achieve your goals. You won't want to miss these power-packed sessions!   

Our Promise to You

Lifetime Access

When you purchase this course, you get lifetime access to the materials, including future course updates.

Money-back Guarantee

Your registration is backed by a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If, within 14 days of registration, you decide this course isn't for you -- for any reason, or for no reason at all -- simply email us for a full refund. No questions asked!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a hiring manager to take this course?

No! This course is designed for hiring managers, new formed hiring teams, and technical staff involved in candidate selection and evaluation processes. We recognize that high-potential team members are frequently asked to help with hiring decisions... often without receiving any training on the process. This course aims to bridge that gap!

How long does it take to finish the course?

The course is divided into seven modules. When you register, you'll have immediate access to Module 1. Each week, you'll unlock a new module. Some modules will take longer to complete than others, and you can go at your own pace with each module once it's unlocked.  

What if I need more than seven weeks?

Take all the time you need! You'll have lifetime access to the course materials, including any future updates to the content. You'll also have lifetime access to the online community so you can find an accountability partner, pacing partner, or mentor that matches your goals and timeline.    

What Our Clients Say...

"Amy believes deeply in what she does, has the wisdom and empathy necessary to meet people where they are and the humility to be approachable and make everyone feel at ease, even as she's helping them dispense with outdated thinking and misperceptions that, while sometimes deeply held, do neither them nor anyone else any good."

—Dr. John Tedstrom

"Amy is a delightful, engaging and passionate author, speaker, and business leader that focuses on organizational development, as well as strategic leadership."

—Dr. Ingrid Bynes

"Hiring is complex; and with millennials making up 75% of the US Workforce by 2030, getting is right is a must! Amy can help. The Hire Beyond Bias Bootcamp equips leaders seeking top talent with tools and strategies to optimize candidate screening, new employee onboarding, and more. Amy’s extensive leadership background and learning expertise shines through the development, content and delivery of her work in this critical space."

—Vonda Page, CDE

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  This course helps managers and hiring teams avoid common pitfalls in the selection process so they can pick the best person for the job.  
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